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Basics-Heated Power Flow is a 60 minute class designed to introduce the poses and framework of Thunderbolt Power Yoga in a way that focuses on the breath, proper alignment, and building a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Don’t be deceived by the “basics” in the name, Power Flow Basics will be physically challenging and we guarantee you won’t leave the #yogastorm without breaking a sweat. This class is appropriate for those who are true beginners as well as seasoned yogis who need a refresher on the basics.
Thunderbolt Spirit Flow is a spin on our traditional Thunderbolt Power Flow. The alignment principles will be key to the flow, more time will be spent in the rejuvenation portion of the class, and space to move with more intention will be created. Yoga philosophy is offered for application to life's daily challenges. This comprehensive class will feed your heart and soul with spiritual music and empowering words. 
Advanced Heated Power Flow is a strong flow class that incorporates optional advanced variations into the sequencing. This class will move faster, assume a basic level of yoga knowledge, and rely on your ability to modify poses and take care of yourself. We will focus on one specified inversion/arm balance per class that will be demonstrated, demystified, and worked on. Options to float in and out of handstands and arm balances will be offered.

Be #audaciosulyplayful

The approach is to find that rhythm - the rhythm of the breath, marrying it to the rhythm of the body, and to dig deep to allow the rhythm of the heart to join the dubstep party. Dubstep music includes many musical influences such as dub, reggae, bass n' drums, and the music ranges from melodious instrumental to deep tempos. "It's all about that bass bout that bass no treble...." #yogastorm
Class full? We have walk-in spaces available, so come on in!
Our Gentle Thunderbolt Heated Flow moves with intention and care so you can honor and restore your body with warmth and ease. This class is heated to 85-90 degrees and is open to all levels. 
Happy Thanksgiving.  Join Thunderbolt Power Yoga for an all-levels Thanksgiving Power Flow from 10:00-11:30am.  
Yoga now. Eat Pie later.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Set to a rocking playlist, our Signature Heated Power Flow allows you to connect breath to rhythm, and beat to body.  Class is a blend of alignment and fluidity, all classes are set to 85-90 degrees, and are open to all levels.
You can expect an energetic Thunderbolt Power Flow choreographed to hip hop/rap/old-school Nelly kinda music. Get lost in the music, shake your booty, and "don't you worry about a thing." 
This workshop is suitable for those with little or no partner yoga experience as well as those with a more advanced practice. Beginners will be lead through basic partner balancing postures, learn safety techniques, and build trust and body awareness in working with partners. For intermediate or advanced partner yogis, this class will be an opportunity to polish your skills, learn more challenging poses and flows, and to get experience with multiple practitioners. All levels are welcome! Bring a partner or come solo.
 This is a special event, not open to the public.
1 hour private group lesson.
This is an extension of Hips and Hamstrings. Athletes need full-body recovery and yoga can give them just that. All-levels friendly power flow.